Cannabis a tool of the devil? Pharmaceutical industry versus naturopathy

From arnica to lemon balm to medicinal cannabis: from kitchen herbs to time-honored home remedies, now basic pharmaceutical ingredients – MABEWO is setting new standards. In conversation with Jörg Trübl, member of the Board of Directors of MABEWO AG from Switzerland.

It is a question of ethics for both the pharmaceutical industry and naturopathy to serve mankind. Controversial debates of both disciplines should improve the knowledge of mankind on a scientific basis despite the economic and scientific opposites. Truly a difficult task, not only to fight or alleviate the diseases, but also to take into account the economic component.

Nature has a remedy for almost every ailment

For the pharmaceutical industry, it is of the highest priority that raw materials are available reliably and in consistent quality. In the future, highly automated plants for the production of medicinal plants, such as medicinal cannabis, will be built and operated under the umbrella of MABEWO PHYTOPHARM. The focus of the development is the implementation of reliable indoor farming facilities for medicinal plants, which allows a reproducible quality of the cultures and meets the high demands of the pharmaceutical industry. The MABEWO Group attaches great importance to comprehensive quality management and precise process control to ensure excellent quality in every case, emphasizes Jörg Trübl and is aware of the responsibility. The goal is to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry according to GACP and GMP-certified production facilities. „As operators of these plants and producers of active pharmaceutical ingredients, we ensure optimal growth conditions and plant quality based on a modular concept and innovative techniques such as the use of hydroponics,“ explains Jörg Trübl.

MABEWO PHYTOPHARM AG is managed by Dr. Stefan Gall, who contributes his expertise primarily in cooperation with research institutions. The first task of MABEWO Phytopharm is to conduct research on the genetics of medicinal plants and to digitally measure the plants in a collaboration with the University of Hohenheim starting in 2021. The focus will be on medicinal plants such as medical cannabis. A parallel task is the development of projects in the field of cultivation and processing of medicinal cannabis. Similar to Food & Energy Campus Groß-Gerau GmbH, MABEWO PHYTOPHARM AG will then have a project to showcase that will serve as a reference plant and support the sale of pharmaceutical domes around the world. The self-produced herbal products, such as flowers or oils, are to be sold to the pharmaceutical industry.

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Hemp: A medicinal plant with a history

In earlier times, the active ingredients were bound in liquid form. During the period of industrialization, the chemical industry succeeded in producing medicines in pill form.n the 19th and 20th centuries, the applications of cannabis disappeared from the view of science. Hidden circles have preserved and saved the knowledge of cannabis through the ages.

Ancient knowledge of our ancestors was lost not only among doctors and pharmacies, but also among the population in the spread of folk medicine. The causes of this development have not yet been sufficiently studied. Obviously, „cannabis as a tool of the devil“ is a driving force for forgetting; because reflexive rejection of the active substance was still the result at the end of the last century. Only prolonged scientific discussions and educational work could overcome and end the „ideological“ hurdles. „In modern times, there is a consensus that a distinction must be made between cannabis as a remedy and its abuse as a drug plant. That is why cannabis was also fundamentally recognized and released as a remedy,“ explains Jörg Trübl.

The effects of the release in consideration of scientific research

The market around pharmaceutical cannabis, which is not yet fully consolidated worldwide, despite the fluctuations on the stock market, is experiencing a tumultuous development. Supply volume and security of supply must be guaranteed to prevent undersupply. Sustainable production under conditions of absolute purity as well as good compatibility of the different products are the goal of the producers. Under the leadership of Jörg Trübl, the MABEWO Group from Switzerland is committed to setting a gold standard, as in the earlier periods of the financial industry, and consequently seeks cooperation with scientists and technicians not only throughout Europe, but worldwide.

For the benefit of patients, the use of medicinal cannabis is also setting new ecological and economic accents in times of the Corona pandemic. The German government, which continues to favor the rapid development of cannabis medicines in times of pandemic, still assumed in March 2020 that cannabis from German production would not be available until the end of 2020. The targets were largely achieved as a result of the pandemic.

Application finds medical Cannabis to mostly against pain and in the defense of spasticity. In addition, this remedy can also be used in anorexia patients against nausea and many other diseases.

Informal scientific circles also point to a possible use of cannabis to control the coronavirus, but this assumption is still under investigation. Consequently, further scientific research and efforts must follow to define and identify the hidden active ingredients from the hemp plant.


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